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Great Cinema...sharply observed, warm and generous, this film is a delight from start to finish.”

- Eye For Film

"Funny and compelling…this is true independent filmmaking at its best.

A provocative and honest tribute to Rideshare Drivers.”

- Dan Buffa, KSDK (NBC) – St. Louis

“A terrific new feature film…a perceptive and surprisingly sharp comedy/drama.”

- Mark Schwab, Diamonds In The Rough



"DriverX is a must-watch exploring the themes of feeling phased out by technology while simultaneously embracing it. There’s simply so much good stuff that’ll leave you thinking for days afterwards.”

- Fansided

"Teems with details that feel lived-through. Its outlook--optimistic about

human nature yet cynical about the times--lingers.”

- The New York Times

“The acting throughout is excellent; it helps that Barrial isn’t playing

Leonard’s predicament for cheap laughs or amped-up drama.”

- The Los Angeles Times

“A wonderful film…Patrick Fabian is emphatically up to the task.

His fantastic performance elevates an already excellent script."

- Hal Astell, Nerdvana

"A must-see. Sometimes films just speak to you. If you’re a GenX-er like me

then maybe the movie will speak to you too. There is so much truth in it.”

- Mother of Movies


"Patrick Fabian is outstanding as Leonard. Barrial, with the immeasurable help of

Fabian’s grounded and natural performance, has crafted a really good LA story

of how middle age and unfulfilled dreams sneak up on a man.”

- NM Film News

"A fantastic micro-budget film...DriverX is moody and cynical and timely.

The film is filled with genuine characters and wonderful acting.

The music score was perfect and took each vignette flawlessly into the next.”

- The Blood-Shed

“DriverX gives us a glimpse into our friend in the front-seat and all they endure.

Fabian is perfect in the role, engaging, charismatic, funny and subtle."

- What The Projectionist Saw

"DriverX is a memorable character study, centered around an especially strong performance from

Patrick Fabian. With a small budget, DriverX manages to capture the beauty of a city at night,

while exploring generational differences and self-discovery."

- Film Inquiry

“A compelling movie.  Patrick Fabian is excellent as Leonard.”

- Jason Hemming, Cinema Recall


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